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Big crowd turns out for the President in Nashua, NH

Yesterday our President came to town!

President Obama dropped in on the citizens of Nashua, NH on Saturday (Oct. 27, 2012) as part of the last leg of his re-election campaign. In my opinion, having the leader of the free world stopping into town is a big deal and for me a chance to capture a little history with my camera.

President Obama during campaign stop in Nashua, New Hampshire on October 27, 2012. ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine - All Rights Reserved

The folks in Nashua really turned out and despite long lines and many hours of waiting, they kept the smiles on their faces.  The fact that so many people decided to take part makes me hopeful about the state of our body politic.  It was a small demonstration against apathy, and I will take it as a positive sign.

Singer- songwriter James Taylor during his performance in Nashua, NH during the Obama campaign event on Oct. 27, 2012 .  ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine - All Rights Reserved

James Taylor provided a warm-up act for the main show and he did not disappoint.  He played a  selection of his hits and really sounded great.  It was a nice distraction and provided some relive for the thousands of folks patiently standing en-mass on the lawn of the Elm Street School campus.

I was able to share this experience in the company of two of my sisters, which is rare get together for us, which made for a more important occasion.  The event brought to mind, all the political /campaign events we have witnessed together in New Hampshire over the last forty  or so years.   From the days of Nixon to today we have had a front row seat to the American political process.


Just another good day in New Hampshire.

President Obama at Nashua, NH campaign stop on Oct. 28, 2012.  ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine = Al Right Reserved


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RIP Senator Specter

Senator Arlen Specter during hearings on Capital Hill ©2006 Daniel J. Splaine - All Rights reserved

Senator Arlen Specter during hearings on Capital Hill. This image is from my archive of client work.  Many of my photography assignements involved creating editorial images for public policy clients.  ©2006 Daniel J. Splaine – All Rights reserved

The news of the death of Senator Arlen Specter yesterday was noteworthy for a few reasons.  First and foremost the nation has lost a long serving and capable public servant. His death also marks the end of another era in American political life.  The senate he served in was once a place of civility and high-minded pursuit of effective public policy.  Today it is all about dogma and disparagement  Moderate northeastern Republicans like Specter, offered a counter balance to more extreme right and in my opinion we all benefited from that middle road.

Specter was tough and pragmatic, with a political career that began with the Warren Commission and ended with the Tea Party.  In my photography career I was able to photograph and observe the senator in action on a couple of occasions. What I recall most from watching in the Senate hearing room was his intensity and his no-nonsense approach.  We would be well served as a nation if we had more like him.  Agree with him or not, the man always earned respect. RIP sir.

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Location Photography Services for Business

Photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography is a location photography specialist with fully mobile studio capabilities. ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine- All rights reserved


The mark of a professional photographer is the ability to create original, high quality images regardless of the shooting conditions.


One of the hallmarks of my photographic career is an uncanny ability to shoot in any type of location, in any type of conditions and to consistently produce high quality photography.  Adaptability as a photographer was I skill learned when I started out as an Army photographer.  Anticipate, adapt, overcome is the mantra of an infantryman and the way Uncle Sam trained me how to approach each assignment.  The goal was always get the image regardless of conditions and that is how I still work today.

My corporate photography assignment and editorial shoots involve photography at locations around the world.  The range of shooting conditions run the gamut from primitive to regal, depending on the client.  The job is and always has been for me to produce photography that illustrates the clients communication objective.  If I’m standing butt deep in mud or hanging of a rooftop ledge it really does not matter, I will do what it takes to get the photo.  An adventurous spirit helps but the skills and technique that my long experience behind the camera ensures that I always hit the mark.

This approach works for photography in the corporate setting equally well.  Sometimes clients can’t get to the studio or  remote employees are gathering in one location for a brief amount of time.  No problem, I bring my fully mobile studio ability to the client location.  Sometimes in an industrial photography assignment access to a difficult or sensitive settings is limited.  I can get in and get out  rapidly, working with the conditions as they exist to get the photos the client needs.

I have more that thirty years experience adapting to conditions and locations,  producing original and  effective visual communication with my photography.  If you have a difficult location, a once in a lifetime event  or you operate in an extreme conditions please get in touch.  I will welcome you challenging conditions and of course create the photography that shows you and your organization at their best.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing photography for public relations, marketing and editorial clients. His company TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY based in Nashua, NH provides commercial photography services in studio and at client locations all over the world. He presents a program of digital photography workshops and photography tours for adults throughout New England


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Photos equal engagement

Social media marketing research is only confirming what I have known all along – if you want to get attention use photography. 

Photography, especially well produced professional photography has always been an attention getter for business communications.  Good images always attract eyeballs.  In social media marketing photography makes your message stand out and increases your engagement.

If you goal is to gather as many likes, comments and shares of your posts the best tool you have is photography.   Build your, brand, amplify your message and increase your engagement rate with your online audience by including photography with all of your posts.

What kind of photos work best?

Adding photos to your posts increase engagement rates. Photo ©2010 Daniel J. Splaine - www.testoftimephotography.com

Photography builds engagement with your social media audience. This random photo from my archives most likely caught your attention and may have motivated you to read my post. Contact me at info@testoftimephoto.com for more information on my commercial photo services and how you can use my photography in your business communications.

The quality of the images you use will impact your rate of engagement.  Certainly a snapshot from your cell phone will be better than a simple text post but an original high quality photograph is more effective.  Include images that will grab the viewer’s attention, that feature your products and services and that tell your narrative.  Technical flaws distract viewers and leave a negative impression.

Consider the value of investing in the services of a professional photographer to produce your image archive.  A professional headshot for your online profiles is an essential first step in your online marketing and personal branding.  Event photography, product shots, and promotional photography will look its best when done by a pro and not as a DYI project.  If your goal is to build your audience, use original and interesting photography created by a pro.  The old cliché’ “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true today.  It also worth many likes, clicks and increased Edgerank.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing photography for public relations, marketing and editorial clients. His company TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY based in Nashua, NH provides commercial photography services in studio and at client locations all over the world. He presents a program of digital photography workshops and photography tours for adults throughout New England.

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Great music in a great room – Ronnie Earl at the Blue Ocean Music hall

Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters at Blue Ocean Music Hall June 22, 2012 -©2012 Daniel J. Splaine


On Friday night I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the RONNIE EARL and the BROADCASTERS show at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury.  The band and Ronnie’s performance was truly great.  Amazing musicianship and a terrific demonstration of virtuoso guitar playing.  This was my first experience with this band live and attending a music show at the Blue Ocean Music Hall at Salisbury Beach.  I had been to a comedy show there in the past but I discovered this room really rocks as a music venue.

Photographing a concert is always  fun and it plays to my strength as a “live action” specialist.  The challenge of event photography is observing and capturing important moments in a meaningful way. Careful observation, patience and timing are the elements involved in these photographic situations.   Fun and challenging photography combined with excellent music,.  Who could ask for more in a night out.

Check out some more images from this show on the TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY Facebook fan page .  Take a moment to give us a “like”,  it will be appreciated!



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Having no photography to present for public relations opportunities and social media postings is a very common business error.  Having badly shot, a low quality snapshot as your virtual identity piece is an even greater business sin.  Many people assume that because they own digital cameras or even worse a camera enabled cell phone they do not need the services of a professional photographer.  They can make their own shots.

Press clipping from Test of Time Photography client Jack Penkala with his business portrait made by photographer Dan Splaine. ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine

Press clipping with Business Portrait-My client Jack Penkala of Halo Branded solutions recently had a business portrait session at the TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY studio. When he was recognized by his company for achievement in sales for 2011 his business portrait was readily deployed with a press release. Provision of quality illustration with your story increases your publication rates and ultimately reader attention. This is a recent press clipping from Jack’s company press release

It’s true; your photography can be a do-it-yourself project.  As with most things in this world, you get what you pay for!  You end up with bad poses, bad lighting and most importantly a poor public identity!  That is why you need the services of a professional studio photographer.

Why risk making a poor first impression which will leave a distinct negative imprint in a prospective client’s mind?  If you have chance to draw attention to yourself and your business why not make the best presentation?  Perceptions are mostly determined by first impressions and on the competitively crowded internet you rarely get a second look.  Your business photography and portraits should present you in a friendly and professional way.  They are a measure of your professionalism and show the value you want to project to the marketplace.

How you appear on your websites, social media profiles and your company public relations publications can either add or take away from your professional credibility.  The distribution powers of the internet are what truly turbo charges the marketing power of business photography and portraits.  Images add clout to business communications.  The power of photography is simple…pictures compel viewers to identify with you and to  become open to your marketing messaging Why not make a modest investment to guarantee that you capitalize on that potential?

An investment in professionally produced, custom business photography and portraits is a key method to build your professional image.

Test of Time Photography creates original photography for business communications.  We provide professional photography services at out studio facility in Nashua, NH and at client locations throughout the country. Contact us about creating your inventory of original images for use  in your corporate public relations..


Photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time photographyABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing high quality images for corporate, institutional, and individual clients.  A location and live action specialist, he is most noted for his images of people. His corporate assignments and photography projects have taken him to dozens of countries and settings as diverse as tropical rain forests to the halls of the US Congress.  In addition to photography services he presents a full program of digital photography workshops and photographer yours throughout New England and internationally

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NH Primary fun – “You’re no Jack Kennedy…”

Game on in New Hampshire!  Now that the Iowa caucus is over John Huntsman will not be the only primary candidate wandering the streets on New Hampshire  seeking primary voters.    This shot  made on Monday when all the excitement was in the Midwest, the calm before the storm.  Looking forward to a week full of political events and sightings.

Gov. Huntsman with wife in tow,  passing in front of a bust of JFK  which graces the  Main Street in front of the city hall in Nashua, NH.   The statue commemorates the spot that  Kennedy started his campaign for president in 1960.  The image reeks of irony for me and I can not but hear the voice of Lloyd Benson comment on VP Dan Quayle ” You’re no Jack Kennedy…”

The presidential primary,  the national sport of the Granite State  is truly  one of my favorite things.  Only six more days until the parade leaves town!

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Public relations photography ROI

An investment in professional public relations photography is a valuable venture for businesses.  When an editor is sorting through the stack of press release submissions they are seeking obvious reasons to include or exclude stories for publication.  Inclusion of high quality, professionally produced photography is the best way to distinguish your release and avoid the reject pile.  Quality PR photography captures the editor’s attention and ultimately will capture their reader’s attention.  In an era of reduced journalistic resources your high quality illustrations are even more welcome in the editorial inbox.

Product photography by Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH. ©2011 Daniel J. SplaineHeadshots and business portraits are great for informational and identity articles and are standard equipment for any entrepreneur. The photographs that best serve your public relations are dynamic and illustrative.  Good public relations photography tells your story, the images you provide must grab the viewer’s attention.  Good PR photographs lead the audience to your articles and messaging.

An investment in the services of a professional photographer to produce your public relation images will increase your publication rates.  Photographs with technical flaws and formatting errors will be rejected out of hand.  Creative photographs with an interesting point of view are the editorial standard to meet.  A professional photographer has the technical skill and creative talent to create the type of illustration that editor’s desire. Present your company in the best possible way and hire a pro to increase the return in investment on your public relations.

Public relations photography is a catalyst for editorial attention but is only part of an effective press release program.  Having a compelling story, one that is actually “newsworthy”, that is well written and relevant is a basic requirement.  High quality photography and a good story work hand in hand.  Good photographs run big and more column inches will be provided especially with compelling content.  The other component to consider is that your press release distribution is targeted to the correct editorial channel.  Know the audience of the publication and make sure your package matches their editorial style and identity.

You can also gain good ROI on your public relations photography investment by using it in more than press release.  Use the photography on social media platforms and company websites. A qualified professional photographer has the capacity to optimize your digital photo files for search adding to their online value. The need for high quality illustration on websites is infinite and distribution of  photography can easily be accomplished. Having an archive of images of key employees, product shots and feature photos pre-produced will allow you respond to media opportunities as they rise.

As we move from the traditional print dominated media milieu to the era of social media public relations the value of quality photography increases.  In the past a newspaper or magazine had a very limited “shelf-life” of weeks or only days.  When your press release package i  published online the article and images have nearly a perpetual existence as searchable content. Take advantage of the powerful multimedia tools available and include images in all of your press campaigns!

About the Author:  Dan Splaine is a professional photographer and photography educator operating a commercial photography studio in New Hampshire. Splaine is a location and “live action” specialist with extensive experience producing imagery for public relations productions. Noted for his environmental portraiture and ability to capture events as they occur his photographic craft was honed in over thirty years of experience.  He has photographed in dozens of countries and has thousands of his images published.


All content  and images copyrighted.  ©2011 Daniel J. Splaine / All rights reserved.

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How to get more space in print and online – PR PHOTO TIPS

How do you get an editor’s attention?

The single most important element that will improve your company’s odds of gaining free column inches in print and online is simply to provide quality photography.  By supplying an editor good illustration with your press releases you will dramatically increase your publication rates. What do I mean by “good” photography – what sort of images are editors seeking?

Business portraits and headshots are basic requirements for any entrepreneur or professional and they are most useful for building your personal online identity and for marketing materials.  Publications will use this type of imagery when the format allows for it but these are not the shots that will be prominently featured.  They are great to have for straight news articles but are of limited appeal for editorial feature articles.  Provide  the publications you are targeting in your media campaign a reason to display your content prominently and in return you will gain free public notice.


PR photo shows action, tells "story"


Types of PR photos that get the editors attention:

  • Show your subject in action- have them actively doing something
  • Use photos that relate to your narrative tell your story
  • Environmental portraits that show the subject in context
  • Provide a good variety of views and a selection of different photos to choose from
  • Shots that are well-lit, well exposed and properly focused
  • Good product and facility shots
  • Unusual perspectives and compositions
  • Horizontal and vertically shot choices

Types of public relations photographic clichés that you should avoid:

  • The award presentation hand-off and handshake
  • Shots that are poorly exposed framed and focused. Technical flaws are a non-starter
  • Image files that do not match the publications submission specifications
  • Images that include people and property without proper photography release
  • Group shots that are arranged for a firing squad – up against the wall!
  • Amateur quality, low resolution unprofessional quality


Making photographs that get published rather than end up in the trash requires some skill and expertise.  Although digital camera technology is readily available, the results you get yourself may not enhance your professional image.   I would encourage you to consider hiring a professional photographer like myself to produce your PR photography.  Not only do I have the creative skills to make images that editors want,  I also understand the formatting, technical standards and release issues that you will encounter.

You wouldn’t consider someone who watches court room TV shows qualified to defend you in court, that would be crazy..  Why would you trust your public identity and the perception of you and your company to a casual snap shooter?

I have been producing editorial grade, public relations photos for clients, which have been published thousands of times during my career.  My objective is to create photography for my clients that enhance their image and provide a maximum return on investment.  Not only do my images make you look good- they add value to your brand.  For more information on my public relations photography services please email me at info@testotimephoto.com

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R.I.P. Governor – Walter Peterson (1922-2011)

I just saw the notices of the death of former New Hampshire Governor Walter Peterson and  can’t help but feel a bit sad.   Not only have we lost a genuine public servant we also have lost a gracious human being.  No recollection of him occurs without a smile emerging on my face.

“The Governor” remains as one of my favorite politicians that I have photographed in my career.  On two occasions shooting for the CCSNH system in the last couple of years allowed me to spend some time getting to know this fine gentleman.  There was nothing exceptional about the photographic experience but personal experience was truly rich.

The last time I photographed him and despite being in a roomful of noteworthy and distinguished people clamoring for his ear, Mr. Peterson chose to spend a few moments chatting with me.  We quickly established our common roots in Nashua, our mutual love for politics and lament for the lack of civil discourse in the current political climate.  The fact that this man took the time and was genuinely interested in our exchange truly mattered to me.

As a kid in NH, Walter Peterson became one of the first politicians that captured my nascent curiosity about politics and public policy.  He is an iconic example of the moderate Republican, most concerned with good governance rather than dogma.  His refusal to take the “the pledge” and keep taxes an option in state policy more than likely cost him his third term.  His successor, Mel Thompson, embraced the rigid promise and New Hampshire has been saddled with that irrationality ever since.

The political spectrum is a little narrower and the world is little less kind today without Walter Peterson – R.I.P.

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