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Internet Marketing for Artists Workshop (Nov. 14, 2012)

Are you an artist, performer, or creative pro that is unsure how to promote your self?

Want to build your audience?

Internet Marketing for Artists Workshop at Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH on November 14, 2012On November 14, 2012 I will be presenting a workshop for artists and performers  about the tools  for self promotion using internet marketing.  The INTERNET MARKETING for ARTISTS  will be held at Test of Time Photography studio in Nashua, NH at 7 pm and it is open to all creative artists.

As a commercial photographer and photography educator I bridge the two worlds of commerce and creativity in the everyday operation of my business.  In this workshop I will show all the internet marketing tools I use to promote my  services and workshops.  This workshop will feature my real-world experiences using the powerful marketing tools that are available for building audience.

How Internet Marketing has Built my Creative Enterprise

In October of  2009 I decided to offer digital photography classes for adults at my new studio location.  As I developed my program of classes I expanded my use of internet marketing to promote these events.  Since that time I have had over 1400 people attend one of my workshops and photographer tours.  This growth in my photography business is directly attributed to  online promotions.  In this workshop I will share my experience and will guide artists through the process ob building an online reputation.

For complete details and registration for this event CLICK HERE

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Photos equal engagement

Social media marketing research is only confirming what I have known all along – if you want to get attention use photography. 

Photography, especially well produced professional photography has always been an attention getter for business communications.  Good images always attract eyeballs.  In social media marketing photography makes your message stand out and increases your engagement.

If you goal is to gather as many likes, comments and shares of your posts the best tool you have is photography.   Build your, brand, amplify your message and increase your engagement rate with your online audience by including photography with all of your posts.

What kind of photos work best?

Adding photos to your posts increase engagement rates. Photo ©2010 Daniel J. Splaine - www.testoftimephotography.com

Photography builds engagement with your social media audience. This random photo from my archives most likely caught your attention and may have motivated you to read my post. Contact me at info@testoftimephoto.com for more information on my commercial photo services and how you can use my photography in your business communications.

The quality of the images you use will impact your rate of engagement.  Certainly a snapshot from your cell phone will be better than a simple text post but an original high quality photograph is more effective.  Include images that will grab the viewer’s attention, that feature your products and services and that tell your narrative.  Technical flaws distract viewers and leave a negative impression.

Consider the value of investing in the services of a professional photographer to produce your image archive.  A professional headshot for your online profiles is an essential first step in your online marketing and personal branding.  Event photography, product shots, and promotional photography will look its best when done by a pro and not as a DYI project.  If your goal is to build your audience, use original and interesting photography created by a pro.  The old cliché’ “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true today.  It also worth many likes, clicks and increased Edgerank.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing photography for public relations, marketing and editorial clients. His company TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY based in Nashua, NH provides commercial photography services in studio and at client locations all over the world. He presents a program of digital photography workshops and photography tours for adults throughout New England.

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