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Your business portrait…one of the most potent business marketing tools available to an entrepreneur today!

In the past an “Executive Portrait” was a standard fare for CEOs and titans of industry but not for all business people.  Those iconic images have graced corporate lobby walls and annual reports for decades. In today’s business environment a professionally shot, well executed, custom business portrait is an essential tool for any person engaged in commerce, at any level!

Commerce is fully integrated with the internet and social media. This ground shift in how we conduct business only increases the necessity and value of your business portrait.  From solopreneur to the head of a large firm, all Environmental style business portrait shot at the client location ©Daniel J. Splaine - All rights reservedbusiness professionals can benefit from an investment in professional portrait photography. How does a business portrait build your personal “brand”?

Despite the rapid increase of dependence on the internet, one feature of human behavior remains true. People buy from who they know. They reflexively gravitate towards products and services from sources they are most familiar with.  The challenge for today’s entrepreneur is how to become known to people is this new media environment, to become a familiar face to your prospective client.

A professional business portrait is an important way to present yourself to the marketplace, to become that “familiar face” and to establish your positive identity in the customer’s perception.  Gone are the days of your executive portrait hanging in the corporate lobby, this powerful marketing tool is displayed in ever-increasing number of ways and to wider and wider audiences.

Put your best face forward and  invest  a professional business portrait. Create a statement  about your identity, your professionalism and your personal brand.

To learn more about business photography services and business portrait packages go to the Test of Time Photo website.  We conduct our corporate/business portrait sessions at out studio in Nashua, NH or at the client’s  location.  In addition  to standard portraits we create editorial style photography, environmental portraiture that presents our subjects in the context of their surroundings.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing high quality images for corporate, institutional, and individual clients.  A location and live action specialist, he is most noted for his images of people. His corporate assignments and photography projects have taken him to dozens of countries and settings as diverse as tropical rain forests to the halls of the US Congress.  In addition to photography services he presents a full program of digital photography workshops and photographer yours throughout New England and internationally.

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