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The old business adage “people buy from who they know” is still true today. How do you get known in the era of social media and internet marketing?  A professionally created business portrait is the most effective way to be found and to become known.

Business portrait, Executive portraits and profile photo for business by Photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH ©Daniel J. SplaineA business or executive portrait (also known as a publicity shot or a headshot) is an important business tool for conveying your identity to the public. They are used for public relations, business cards, websites, brochures, press releases and for social network profiles.  Photographer Dan Splaine of TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY takes the time to produce high quality portraits… images that convey your success and credibility.

Why do you need a business portrait?  A well-lit, thoughtfully composed business portrait is a valuable tool because it represents you and your company.  It is a great device to connect you with your customers, and to make a positive and lasting impression. A high quality, custom business portrait is a necessity, not an option, for business success.


1) Having a photo on a business card is simply a must have for all entrepreneurs! Your business card is your own personal billboard so why not make it work for you.   A good business portrait always makes a business card stand out from the crowd and it gives your new contacts a great way of remembering you. It is also harder for a person to discard a card with a familiar face on it. 

2) Include business portraits on your “ABOUT US “and “BIO” website pages as well as your company blogs.  If you have a large staff consider including all of their images on the website as well.  Your business portrait builds familiarity with prospects and reinforces the connection your client has with your company. 

3) Always include a professional created business portrait in all of your social media profiles. Snapshots and cell phone photos reflect poorly on your professionalism.  A professionally photographed profile photo presents you as a true professional that can be taken seriously.

4) Consider using a headshot or business portrait on your letterhead and emails.  By including your business portrait the reader begins to make a personal connection with you.  Market research has shows that a letter with a photo is more personal and unforgettable making it harder for your prospects to ignore or discard. 

5) Sale letters are a primary business communication tool and photography makes them even more effective. When you are composing sales letters to your clients and prospects do not forget to use your portrait in your pitch. This simple step adds a powerful way to capture the attention of viewers and gain their interest in your offer

Executive portraits and promotional business portrait for social media and corporate marketing by photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH. Photographer Dan Splaine creates original executive portraits and business portraits for corporate communications. Profile photos, actor’s headshots, model portfolios, studio portraits, environmental portraiture.  Business portraits sessions can be held in our Nashua, New Hampshire studio or at the client location.  Business portrait sessions can be part of corporate assignment photography projects.  Business portraits are an exceptional public relations and social media public relations tool due to the ability to be search optimized. ©2011 Daniel J. Splaine6) An exciting and really clever new tool for using your company portraits and product shots are customizable stamps.  Digital photography and printing on demand have now gone to the post office.  You can now create legitimate stamps that include your images or company graphics.  Make your mail more memorable and get your customer to open the envelope while building your brand.  Prices vary depending on the printer and the volume you buy but the investment is worthwhile

7) Always include a portrait in your company brochures so you establish that personal connection with your customers. An information brochure with your business portrait establishes your identity as the “face” of your company.  Remember people especially want to do business with people they know.  A good business portrait makes you a familiar face. 

8) If you have company trucks why not consider using your portrait or perhaps some images of your staff on the vehicle graphics. It is a great way to create a human identity for your company and you never know who is sitting next to you in traffic. 

9) Establish a habit of sending out images with every news release and announcements. Every promotion, retirement, award and new staff hiring notice should be accompanied by photography. The addition of a high quality image with your press release increases your chances of publication dramatically. 

10) Every day we hear in the media about the hard times that have befallen the print media in general and newspapers in particular. This economic and transformational predicament is a source of lament but there is a silver lining for the savvy business owners. Editors have fewer resources to spend on staff produced photography so they will be more inclined to use images from your company press kit photography. Provide them with high quality, relevant and professionally produced business portraits and product photography to optimize your publicity

Photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine of Test of Time photography in Nashua, NH (www.testoftimephoto.com) creates original business portraits and executive portraits in the studio or at the client location. Business portraits are one of the many corporate assignment photography services provided for clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, throughout New England and Nationwide.

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Public relations photography ROI

An investment in professional public relations photography is a valuable venture for businesses.  When an editor is sorting through the stack of press release submissions they are seeking obvious reasons to include or exclude stories for publication.  Inclusion of high quality, professionally produced photography is the best way to distinguish your release and avoid the reject pile.  Quality PR photography captures the editor’s attention and ultimately will capture their reader’s attention.  In an era of reduced journalistic resources your high quality illustrations are even more welcome in the editorial inbox.

Product photography by Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH. ©2011 Daniel J. SplaineHeadshots and business portraits are great for informational and identity articles and are standard equipment for any entrepreneur. The photographs that best serve your public relations are dynamic and illustrative.  Good public relations photography tells your story, the images you provide must grab the viewer’s attention.  Good PR photographs lead the audience to your articles and messaging.

An investment in the services of a professional photographer to produce your public relation images will increase your publication rates.  Photographs with technical flaws and formatting errors will be rejected out of hand.  Creative photographs with an interesting point of view are the editorial standard to meet.  A professional photographer has the technical skill and creative talent to create the type of illustration that editor’s desire. Present your company in the best possible way and hire a pro to increase the return in investment on your public relations.

Public relations photography is a catalyst for editorial attention but is only part of an effective press release program.  Having a compelling story, one that is actually “newsworthy”, that is well written and relevant is a basic requirement.  High quality photography and a good story work hand in hand.  Good photographs run big and more column inches will be provided especially with compelling content.  The other component to consider is that your press release distribution is targeted to the correct editorial channel.  Know the audience of the publication and make sure your package matches their editorial style and identity.

You can also gain good ROI on your public relations photography investment by using it in more than press release.  Use the photography on social media platforms and company websites. A qualified professional photographer has the capacity to optimize your digital photo files for search adding to their online value. The need for high quality illustration on websites is infinite and distribution of  photography can easily be accomplished. Having an archive of images of key employees, product shots and feature photos pre-produced will allow you respond to media opportunities as they rise.

As we move from the traditional print dominated media milieu to the era of social media public relations the value of quality photography increases.  In the past a newspaper or magazine had a very limited “shelf-life” of weeks or only days.  When your press release package i  published online the article and images have nearly a perpetual existence as searchable content. Take advantage of the powerful multimedia tools available and include images in all of your press campaigns!

About the Author:  Dan Splaine is a professional photographer and photography educator operating a commercial photography studio in New Hampshire. Splaine is a location and “live action” specialist with extensive experience producing imagery for public relations productions. Noted for his environmental portraiture and ability to capture events as they occur his photographic craft was honed in over thirty years of experience.  He has photographed in dozens of countries and has thousands of his images published.


All content  and images copyrighted.  ©2011 Daniel J. Splaine / All rights reserved.

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Preparing for your portrait photography session

When I create custom portraits for my commercial clients and individuals I use  my craftsmanship to produce an image that shows then m at their best.  Despite my considerable arsenal of photography skills I always require some assistance from my subjects to make portraits that they will cherish.

One of the best suggestions I can make to ensure that we get terrific results from your TEST of TIME photography session is simply ask you not to rush through the experience. Many people feel anxious about being photographed so being hasty will only add to the discomfort.  My style of interaction with my portrait subjects is very relaxed and I make every effort to put my clients at ease.  I promise to do my part and I would request that you would use the following suggestions to make better portraits for you.

How to prepare for your portrait and photography shooting sessions

First make sure you get a full night of restful sleep the night before your photo session. We all have visions of super models living a wild nightlife but the true secret of their success is hitting the hay early.  When you are well rested you look and feel better and that will show in the photos we make. Sleepy faces never look their best.

Secondly try not to be in a hurry the day of your portrait session.  Allow enough time to carefully prepare you wardrobe and keep yourself relaxed.  Take your time with your grooming and preparation and allow plenty of time for travel to our photography location. If you are not sure of the destination take the time the night before to plan your travel. If you’re harried and running late that tension will reflect in your body language.

Arrive early for your studio session or get to your outdoor location 20 to 30 minutes ahead of our scheduled shooting time.  Having an early arrival will benefit your portrait results in a few important ways. You have the time to calm jittery nerves, to relax, and shift gears from the hectic activities of your day. You can take the time to discuss the details of the shoot and to become familiar with the studio. If we are shooting your family portrait in an outdoor location we can walk the terrain and pick our spots..  With group shots and large families the extra time will help in arranging poses and organizing.

My job as your portrait photographer is to make images that you will absolutely love. You can do your part by following these suggestions.  The benefits of  taking our time is that your experience at TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY will be pleasant and calm and your photos will look great!

To learn more about my portrait and photography services call me at the studio or email me at info@testoftiemphoto.com.

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How to get more space in print and online – PR PHOTO TIPS

How do you get an editor’s attention?

The single most important element that will improve your company’s odds of gaining free column inches in print and online is simply to provide quality photography.  By supplying an editor good illustration with your press releases you will dramatically increase your publication rates. What do I mean by “good” photography – what sort of images are editors seeking?

Business portraits and headshots are basic requirements for any entrepreneur or professional and they are most useful for building your personal online identity and for marketing materials.  Publications will use this type of imagery when the format allows for it but these are not the shots that will be prominently featured.  They are great to have for straight news articles but are of limited appeal for editorial feature articles.  Provide  the publications you are targeting in your media campaign a reason to display your content prominently and in return you will gain free public notice.


PR photo shows action, tells "story"


Types of PR photos that get the editors attention:

  • Show your subject in action- have them actively doing something
  • Use photos that relate to your narrative tell your story
  • Environmental portraits that show the subject in context
  • Provide a good variety of views and a selection of different photos to choose from
  • Shots that are well-lit, well exposed and properly focused
  • Good product and facility shots
  • Unusual perspectives and compositions
  • Horizontal and vertically shot choices

Types of public relations photographic clichés that you should avoid:

  • The award presentation hand-off and handshake
  • Shots that are poorly exposed framed and focused. Technical flaws are a non-starter
  • Image files that do not match the publications submission specifications
  • Images that include people and property without proper photography release
  • Group shots that are arranged for a firing squad – up against the wall!
  • Amateur quality, low resolution unprofessional quality


Making photographs that get published rather than end up in the trash requires some skill and expertise.  Although digital camera technology is readily available, the results you get yourself may not enhance your professional image.   I would encourage you to consider hiring a professional photographer like myself to produce your PR photography.  Not only do I have the creative skills to make images that editors want,  I also understand the formatting, technical standards and release issues that you will encounter.

You wouldn’t consider someone who watches court room TV shows qualified to defend you in court, that would be crazy..  Why would you trust your public identity and the perception of you and your company to a casual snap shooter?

I have been producing editorial grade, public relations photos for clients, which have been published thousands of times during my career.  My objective is to create photography for my clients that enhance their image and provide a maximum return on investment.  Not only do my images make you look good- they add value to your brand.  For more information on my public relations photography services please email me at info@testotimephoto.com

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The power of PUBLIC RELATIONS photography-10 tips for building your “image”

Photography is an important tool for creating and building individual and corporate identity that is often under utilized, and from my point of view as a professional photographer certainly under appreciated.  Photography has always been an effective public relations tool. My experience goes back thirty years to the days of setting up darkrooms in all kinds of locations and hustling wet prints to the nearest wire service office.  Today with our powerful digital photography capabilities and the infinite requirement the internet has for content its value as a PR device has never been so great.

I would argue that all enterprises and individual entrepreneurs should incorporate photography into their PR and marketing programs.  Listed below are ten suggested ideas and methods for utilizing public relations photography to build your “image” and enhance your personal brand.

  1. Prepare a set of high quality photographs in advance to anticipate a media request or public relations opportunity.  Having some shot “in the can” that illustrate your products, facilities and key personnel that are ready to send will help you capitalize on unexpected  publication offers.
  2. Business portraits and headshots are essential for any entrepreneur.  Having a professionally created portrait of your company personnel is necessary in building a personal connection via social media.  The business mantra that “people buy from who they know “is still true today and your portrait online is a powerful method to become “known”.  These shots are great for business notices and identifiers for blog postings and other marketing material.
  3. Headshots are great for some uses but having an environmental type portrait will work best with editorial outlets.  Images of the person in their work environment or in a setting that adds information about them are better illustrations for editors.  Environmental portraits provide context for the person and more readily transmit a narrative to the viewer.
  4. Make the investment in professional photography services. Digital cameras are common and seemingly in every device you can imagine, truly anyone can take a picture. The distinction for the purposes of your brand is that snapshots will not enhance your image.  Professionally conceived and created photography literally presents you in the best light.  Hire a pro to achieve professional results.
  5. Provide editors and media outlets a good variety of images to select from.  The more options they have in layout and design choices the greater the likelihood your images will be published.  A mix of portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientated photos, shots with negative space for headlines and copy and unique points of view are all appreciated by editors, so give them what makes them happy!
  6. Follow submission guidelines carefully.  Sending an image correctly formatted and prepared according to the publications requirements is essential.  Send the photography and illustration incorrectly and you will not get published.  Using a pro photographer adept with photo editing tools and familiar with the process can be critical to avoiding submission problems.
  7. Use images that tell a story and specifically match up to the narrative you are providing with the press release content it is accompanying.  Your visual content is critical to convincing an editor of your value for publication. Photos get stories printed and most importantly read so send out complete packages.
  8. Make sure to correctly caption and keyword  your images to take advantage of the SEO potential photography has as online content.  Image file meta data is searchable text that can be enhanced to maximize your branding and messaging online. Once again using a pro photographer familiar with this process will justify the investment in will add power to your imagery.
  9. Make sure you fill the frame.  Avoid using photography that has a lot of vacant area that makes the subject smaller and distracts the viewer.  Well designed and composed photographs capture the viewer’s attention so take care to use the whole image area well.
  10. Take chances with your photography and show unusual viewpoints and scenes.  Often a story will get published simply because the photography is so attention grabbing.  The same visual impact that gets the editor’s attention works doubly on attracting the viewer to your messaging.

I provide photography for business , shot either on location or in my studio facility in Nashua, NH.  My experience with public relations assignments and live action coverage has ranged from tropical jungles to corporate boardrooms.   For more information about PR photography or any of my other photography services for business contact me at info@testoftimephoto.com

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