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Architectural Photography for Remodeling Contractors

How do remodeling contractors impress potential clients?

The short answer is simple, show off your work.  Having high quality photography made of all of your completed projects is must have for contractors who wants to build their business.  Most purchasing decisions begin with a search and one of the best ways to get attention on the internet is to use images.  High quality photography will convince a homeowner to hire you to remodel their home better than a verbal pitch.  The old axiom “show them, don’t tell them” rings true today especially because photography provides high engagement rates in social media marketing and  internet promotions.

Sample architectural photography by commercial photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH.  The photography shown was made for a remodeling contractor client to promote their company.  For more information about location photography, photography for marketing and architectural photography services provided by Dan Splaine go to www.testoftimephoto.com  ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine  - All rights reserved

Hire a Pro to photograph your remodeling projects

Have a qualified professional shoot architectural photography of your building projects.  DYI photography is fine for documenting job progress but it falls flat when you want to showcase your work.  Professional building contractors know the difference between a homeowner built kitchen and one installed by a qualified contractor.  The same logic applies to photography – hire a pro if you want the project done right.


Test of Time photography  provides architectural photography, construction progress photography and promotional photography for contractors  builders and architects.  Contact photographer Dan Splaine at info@testoftimephoto.com  to find out about our services and to book your next construction project photo shoot.

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