Having no photography to present for public relations opportunities and social media postings is a very common business error.  Having badly shot, a low quality snapshot as your virtual identity piece is an even greater business sin.  Many people assume that because they own digital cameras or even worse a camera enabled cell phone they do not need the services of a professional photographer.  They can make their own shots.

Press clipping from Test of Time Photography client Jack Penkala with his business portrait made by photographer Dan Splaine. ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine

Press clipping with Business Portrait-My client Jack Penkala of Halo Branded solutions recently had a business portrait session at the TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY studio. When he was recognized by his company for achievement in sales for 2011 his business portrait was readily deployed with a press release. Provision of quality illustration with your story increases your publication rates and ultimately reader attention. This is a recent press clipping from Jack’s company press release

It’s true; your photography can be a do-it-yourself project.  As with most things in this world, you get what you pay for!  You end up with bad poses, bad lighting and most importantly a poor public identity!  That is why you need the services of a professional studio photographer.

Why risk making a poor first impression which will leave a distinct negative imprint in a prospective client’s mind?  If you have chance to draw attention to yourself and your business why not make the best presentation?  Perceptions are mostly determined by first impressions and on the competitively crowded internet you rarely get a second look.  Your business photography and portraits should present you in a friendly and professional way.  They are a measure of your professionalism and show the value you want to project to the marketplace.

How you appear on your websites, social media profiles and your company public relations publications can either add or take away from your professional credibility.  The distribution powers of the internet are what truly turbo charges the marketing power of business photography and portraits.  Images add clout to business communications.  The power of photography is simple…pictures compel viewers to identify with you and to  become open to your marketing messaging Why not make a modest investment to guarantee that you capitalize on that potential?

An investment in professionally produced, custom business photography and portraits is a key method to build your professional image.

Test of Time Photography creates original photography for business communications.  We provide professional photography services at out studio facility in Nashua, NH and at client locations throughout the country. Contact us about creating your inventory of original images for use  in your corporate public relations..


Photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time photographyABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing high quality images for corporate, institutional, and individual clients.  A location and live action specialist, he is most noted for his images of people. His corporate assignments and photography projects have taken him to dozens of countries and settings as diverse as tropical rain forests to the halls of the US Congress.  In addition to photography services he presents a full program of digital photography workshops and photographer yours throughout New England and internationally

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