Preparing for your portrait photography session

When I create custom portraits for my commercial clients and individuals I use  my craftsmanship to produce an image that shows then m at their best.  Despite my considerable arsenal of photography skills I always require some assistance from my subjects to make portraits that they will cherish.

One of the best suggestions I can make to ensure that we get terrific results from your TEST of TIME photography session is simply ask you not to rush through the experience. Many people feel anxious about being photographed so being hasty will only add to the discomfort.  My style of interaction with my portrait subjects is very relaxed and I make every effort to put my clients at ease.  I promise to do my part and I would request that you would use the following suggestions to make better portraits for you.

How to prepare for your portrait and photography shooting sessions

First make sure you get a full night of restful sleep the night before your photo session. We all have visions of super models living a wild nightlife but the true secret of their success is hitting the hay early.  When you are well rested you look and feel better and that will show in the photos we make. Sleepy faces never look their best.

Secondly try not to be in a hurry the day of your portrait session.  Allow enough time to carefully prepare you wardrobe and keep yourself relaxed.  Take your time with your grooming and preparation and allow plenty of time for travel to our photography location. If you are not sure of the destination take the time the night before to plan your travel. If you’re harried and running late that tension will reflect in your body language.

Arrive early for your studio session or get to your outdoor location 20 to 30 minutes ahead of our scheduled shooting time.  Having an early arrival will benefit your portrait results in a few important ways. You have the time to calm jittery nerves, to relax, and shift gears from the hectic activities of your day. You can take the time to discuss the details of the shoot and to become familiar with the studio. If we are shooting your family portrait in an outdoor location we can walk the terrain and pick our spots..  With group shots and large families the extra time will help in arranging poses and organizing.

My job as your portrait photographer is to make images that you will absolutely love. You can do your part by following these suggestions.  The benefits of  taking our time is that your experience at TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY will be pleasant and calm and your photos will look great!

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