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Buzz Christmas Ball Show Photography

Check out the sideshow from the Buzz Christmas Ball produced by Jim Roach of JJR Productions at the Place theater   This show, presented with the crew from WGIR- Rock 101 radios morning crew – The Morning Buzz, and features a line-up of incredible talent.


To view the sideshow click here



I am a live action and on location photography expert   The  photography I created  of this live event is used in the digital public relations and promotions for this annual show.  One of the primary services of TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY is corporate photojournalism – consider me your in-house media creator. For more information about using live action and event photography for your business communications contact me at


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Photographer Critiques and Portfolio Review Sessions

Student photographer monthly photo critique session.


As a photo educator I feel that  one of the best learning tools I can offer to my students is feedback on their results.  One of the activities for photographers that I give is a critique of their photography. Every month I host a photo critique session at my studio that is open to the photographers who attend my workshops and photo tours.

Our photo review sessions are  equally valuable learning experiences for myself and the photographers who take part.  The group dialogue and insights shared help inform each photographer about their image making.  I learn how effective my teaching has been  when I see the results of those lesson shown in the student progress. They receive feedback from me and their peers and I gain valuable quality control on my photo education program.  It is a win-win situation.

For more information about my monthly photo critique sessions go to the event page.  For more information about my photography workshops and tours contact me at

Photographer Dan Splaine holds photo critique sessions and portfolio reviews for digital photography students who attend photo workshops and photo tours presented by Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine - AllRights Reserved

(Nashua, NH) Photography students at Test of Time Photography studio during the monthly photo critique session. Photographer Dan Splaine offers photo and portfolio reviews for photographers that attend his program of photo workshops. The photo students present images they have made in the workshops, on his photo tours and from photography theme assignments. The value of photography critiques is to give the photo enthusiast feedback on the photography they are making and help them explore creative options. ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine- All Rights Reserved

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Photographer Meet-Up Group hits membership milestone

Image Maker Photographic Workshop now has 250 member photographers!

I am happy to announce a milestone of  note.  The Image Makers Photographic Workshop has just reached the 250 member mark.  This is a group I have organized on for digital photographers from around New England.

Professional photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine announces that the Image Makers Photographic Workshop Meet-Up group has 250 members, amilestone in growth for this group od active digital photographers. ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine -All Rights Reserved

The Image Makers Photographic Workshop Meet-Up group has just hit the 250 member mark. Organized by photographer Dan Splaine, the group provides digital photography events for adults throughout New England. For more information go to the group website:

This meet-up group is free to join and is open to adult digital photographers of all skill levels.  The  goal of the group is to encourage photo enthusiasts to improve their creative talents and to build their skills as photographers.  We present a program of digital photography events and workshops at the Test of Time Photography studio in Nashua NH and at locations throughout New England.

Since February 2010 we have presented over 120  events for photographers  These have included photo tours to Canada, the Isle of Shoals and  the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Our photo workshops are topic specific and are a mix of classroom and on location  field photography sessions.  The photography education program presents a range of photography interests and  for all skill levels.

One of the most popular events and one of my favorite programs to host are my photo critique sessions.  Once a month I get together with the photography students that attend my photo workshops and we spend a few hours going over their photography.  We  have a theme for each of these photography review sessions so the group  can learn about a particular photo technique.  As a photography educator and  someone with a passion for photography,  these photo critique sessions are exceptional!  I can see how my photo students have taken the lessons from my photo classes and used them in their image making. It is very satisfying  to see the growth in their creative photography skills and the dialogue we share is always inspiring.  (Next photo critique dates are Dec. 13 and Jan. 17)

I want to express my thanks to all the photographers who have become members and I invite any other photographers to check out the group on Meet-up 



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Photos posted by Photographer Dan Splaine on Pintrest and Instagram

Some recent images I have posted with Instagarm.  Fun with photography!


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Architectural Photography for Remodeling Contractors

How do remodeling contractors impress potential clients?

The short answer is simple, show off your work.  Having high quality photography made of all of your completed projects is must have for contractors who wants to build their business.  Most purchasing decisions begin with a search and one of the best ways to get attention on the internet is to use images.  High quality photography will convince a homeowner to hire you to remodel their home better than a verbal pitch.  The old axiom “show them, don’t tell them” rings true today especially because photography provides high engagement rates in social media marketing and  internet promotions.

Sample architectural photography by commercial photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH.  The photography shown was made for a remodeling contractor client to promote their company.  For more information about location photography, photography for marketing and architectural photography services provided by Dan Splaine go to  ©2012 Daniel J. Splaine  - All rights reserved

Hire a Pro to photograph your remodeling projects

Have a qualified professional shoot architectural photography of your building projects.  DYI photography is fine for documenting job progress but it falls flat when you want to showcase your work.  Professional building contractors know the difference between a homeowner built kitchen and one installed by a qualified contractor.  The same logic applies to photography – hire a pro if you want the project done right.


Test of Time photography  provides architectural photography, construction progress photography and promotional photography for contractors  builders and architects.  Contact photographer Dan Splaine at  to find out about our services and to book your next construction project photo shoot.

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