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Your business portrait…one of the most potent business marketing tools available to an entrepreneur today!

In the past an “Executive Portrait” was a standard fare for CEOs and titans of industry but not for all business people.  Those iconic images have graced corporate lobby walls and annual reports for decades. In today’s business environment a professionally shot, well executed, custom business portrait is an essential tool for any person engaged in commerce, at any level!

Commerce is fully integrated with the internet and social media. This ground shift in how we conduct business only increases the necessity and value of your business portrait.  From solopreneur to the head of a large firm, all Environmental style business portrait shot at the client location ©Daniel J. Splaine - All rights reservedbusiness professionals can benefit from an investment in professional portrait photography. How does a business portrait build your personal “brand”?

Despite the rapid increase of dependence on the internet, one feature of human behavior remains true. People buy from who they know. They reflexively gravitate towards products and services from sources they are most familiar with.  The challenge for today’s entrepreneur is how to become known to people is this new media environment, to become a familiar face to your prospective client.

A professional business portrait is an important way to present yourself to the marketplace, to become that “familiar face” and to establish your positive identity in the customer’s perception.  Gone are the days of your executive portrait hanging in the corporate lobby, this powerful marketing tool is displayed in ever-increasing number of ways and to wider and wider audiences.

Put your best face forward and  invest  a professional business portrait. Create a statement  about your identity, your professionalism and your personal brand.

To learn more about business photography services and business portrait packages go to the Test of Time Photo website.  We conduct our corporate/business portrait sessions at out studio in Nashua, NH or at the client’s  location.  In addition  to standard portraits we create editorial style photography, environmental portraiture that presents our subjects in the context of their surroundings.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Photographer Dan Splaine has more than thirty years experience producing high quality images for corporate, institutional, and individual clients.  A location and live action specialist, he is most noted for his images of people. His corporate assignments and photography projects have taken him to dozens of countries and settings as diverse as tropical rain forests to the halls of the US Congress.  In addition to photography services he presents a full program of digital photography workshops and photographer yours throughout New England and internationally.

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Business portrait promotion announced!

Business portrait promotional offer from Test of Time Photography


One of my favorite photography assignments and a specialty of  Test of Time Photography is creating custom business portraits for entrepreneurs.  Today I am announcing a promotion for my business portrait services with the help of Kevin Willett.  Kevin is the founder of the FRIEND’S OF KEVIN  networking group that I am a member of.

During my recent appearance on his radio show we discussed the value that quality business photography and portraits have in marketing, public relations and social media.  I guess I made my point, because he recently came into the TEST of TIME Photography studio for his own business portrait session.  From that portrait sitting we created a number of images and he is having some difficulty deciding which one is his favorite.

The “HELP KEVIN PUT HIS BEST FACE FORWARD” promotion is how you can help him with that decision and help yourself at the same time.  We are offering a $75 voucher towards the purchase of a business portrait session to everyone who votes.  When you vote you will entered  into a drawing for our grand prize the CHAIRMAN of THE BOARD PORTRAIT PACKAGE.  This is an editorial style portrait session shot on location worth $499.

The drawing will be held at the February 7th , 2012 FRIEND’S OF KEVIN in Chelmsford.  For complete information and rules go to the promotion page and to vote (CLICK HERE)

For information about our business photography services and business portrait packages (CLICK HERE)

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Business Portrait of Jack Penkala from the TEST of TIME studio

Portrait of Jack Penkala of Halo Branded Solutions. Business portrait, Executive portraits and profile photo for business by Photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH ©Daniel J. Splaine
New business portrait of Jack Penkala made at TEST of TIME photo studio in Nashua, NH ©2011 Daniel J. Splaine -Test of Time Photography 

One of the best things about working as a photographer is the folks I get to meet in the course of creating images for my clients marketing and promotions.

The image posted here is from  a business portrait session held in the TEST of TIME studio with Jack Penkala of  Halo Branded Solutions.  I became acquainted with Jack through our mutual participation in local business networking groups. Not only is he good guy, he is terrific resource of marketing expertise for businesses.  Jack  makes his living selling marketing calendars and promotional products but in reality he provides his clients so much more.   Jack’s genius is that he operates primarily as a business consultant, not as a sales rep.  His goal is to learn about his client’s enterprise and then identify methods for them to use for building their business. His primary concern is their success not getting the order.

I would confidently recommend Jack to any business in the Nashua area that is seeking to improve their marketing ROI.  You can check out his products and get at touch with him at:


To book a business portrait session at the Test of Time Photography studio or at your company site contact me at  I create custom headshots and profile photos for use in your marketing and social media promotions. Test of Time Photography offers a full range of business photography services and business portrait packages.


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The old business adage “people buy from who they know” is still true today. How do you get known in the era of social media and internet marketing?  A professionally created business portrait is the most effective way to be found and to become known.

Business portrait, Executive portraits and profile photo for business by Photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH ©Daniel J. SplaineA business or executive portrait (also known as a publicity shot or a headshot) is an important business tool for conveying your identity to the public. They are used for public relations, business cards, websites, brochures, press releases and for social network profiles.  Photographer Dan Splaine of TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY takes the time to produce high quality portraits… images that convey your success and credibility.

Why do you need a business portrait?  A well-lit, thoughtfully composed business portrait is a valuable tool because it represents you and your company.  It is a great device to connect you with your customers, and to make a positive and lasting impression. A high quality, custom business portrait is a necessity, not an option, for business success.


1) Having a photo on a business card is simply a must have for all entrepreneurs! Your business card is your own personal billboard so why not make it work for you.   A good business portrait always makes a business card stand out from the crowd and it gives your new contacts a great way of remembering you. It is also harder for a person to discard a card with a familiar face on it. 

2) Include business portraits on your “ABOUT US “and “BIO” website pages as well as your company blogs.  If you have a large staff consider including all of their images on the website as well.  Your business portrait builds familiarity with prospects and reinforces the connection your client has with your company. 

3) Always include a professional created business portrait in all of your social media profiles. Snapshots and cell phone photos reflect poorly on your professionalism.  A professionally photographed profile photo presents you as a true professional that can be taken seriously.

4) Consider using a headshot or business portrait on your letterhead and emails.  By including your business portrait the reader begins to make a personal connection with you.  Market research has shows that a letter with a photo is more personal and unforgettable making it harder for your prospects to ignore or discard. 

5) Sale letters are a primary business communication tool and photography makes them even more effective. When you are composing sales letters to your clients and prospects do not forget to use your portrait in your pitch. This simple step adds a powerful way to capture the attention of viewers and gain their interest in your offer

Executive portraits and promotional business portrait for social media and corporate marketing by photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH. Photographer Dan Splaine creates original executive portraits and business portraits for corporate communications. Profile photos, actor’s headshots, model portfolios, studio portraits, environmental portraiture.  Business portraits sessions can be held in our Nashua, New Hampshire studio or at the client location.  Business portrait sessions can be part of corporate assignment photography projects.  Business portraits are an exceptional public relations and social media public relations tool due to the ability to be search optimized. ©2011 Daniel J. Splaine6) An exciting and really clever new tool for using your company portraits and product shots are customizable stamps.  Digital photography and printing on demand have now gone to the post office.  You can now create legitimate stamps that include your images or company graphics.  Make your mail more memorable and get your customer to open the envelope while building your brand.  Prices vary depending on the printer and the volume you buy but the investment is worthwhile

7) Always include a portrait in your company brochures so you establish that personal connection with your customers. An information brochure with your business portrait establishes your identity as the “face” of your company.  Remember people especially want to do business with people they know.  A good business portrait makes you a familiar face. 

8) If you have company trucks why not consider using your portrait or perhaps some images of your staff on the vehicle graphics. It is a great way to create a human identity for your company and you never know who is sitting next to you in traffic. 

9) Establish a habit of sending out images with every news release and announcements. Every promotion, retirement, award and new staff hiring notice should be accompanied by photography. The addition of a high quality image with your press release increases your chances of publication dramatically. 

10) Every day we hear in the media about the hard times that have befallen the print media in general and newspapers in particular. This economic and transformational predicament is a source of lament but there is a silver lining for the savvy business owners. Editors have fewer resources to spend on staff produced photography so they will be more inclined to use images from your company press kit photography. Provide them with high quality, relevant and professionally produced business portraits and product photography to optimize your publicity

Photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine of Test of Time photography in Nashua, NH ( creates original business portraits and executive portraits in the studio or at the client location. Business portraits are one of the many corporate assignment photography services provided for clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, throughout New England and Nationwide.

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