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Photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine operates Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH. He creates original images and photography for commercial clients , institutions and individuals. A corporate assignment photographer and noted for his unique portraits and ability to work in any location. He has over thirty years experience and has photographed in dozens of countries and in locations throughout the United States. In addition to photography commissions, he presents a program of digital photography workshops and tours. The workshops are conducted at his studio location, at locations throughout New England and internationally.

Big crowd turns out for the President in Nashua, NH

Yesterday our President came to town! President Obama dropped in on the citizens of Nashua, NH on Saturday (Oct. 27, 2012) as part of the last leg of his re-election campaign. In my opinion, having the leader of the free world stopping into town is a big deal and for me a chance to capture a little history with my camera. The [...]

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Internet Marketing for Artist Workshop Interview

Listen to my radio interview about the INTERNET MARKETING for ARTISTS WORKSHOP This week I was a guest on the “Friends of Kevin Radio Show “ on WSMN radio in Nashua, NH.  Kevin Willett, the founder of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group, and all  around nice guy, was my host.  His radio show is a terrific platform for business people to discuss their enterprises [...]

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Photographer Critique Sessions

My goal  for all the people who attend one of my workshops or photo tours is to make them better photographers. They have  to pick up a new skill, learn a new technique or become more confident in their creative approach in my sessions .  If they don’t,  I fell like I have not delivered for them with [...]

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RIP Senator Specter

The news of the death of Senator Arlen Specter yesterday was noteworthy for a few reasons.  First and foremost the nation has lost a long serving and capable public servant. His death also marks the end of another era in American political life.  The senate he served in was once a place of civility and [...]

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The Most Important Photo Accessory

A point that I make in all of my photo workshops is about the most important photo accessory that every photographer must use. What is the “most important” photo accessory? you ask.  Your feet.  If you want to improve the look of your image; move! Changing your camera position, your point of view,  is the  best way to improve how [...]

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Location Photography Services for Business

  The mark of a professional photographer is the ability to create original, high quality images regardless of the shooting conditions.   One of the hallmarks of my photographic career is an uncanny ability to shoot in any type of location, in any type of conditions and to consistently produce high quality photography.  Adaptability as a photographer was I skill learned when I started [...]

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Photo Model Casting Call in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Aug. 29, 2012

We are casting models for a client advertising photography project   TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY and photographer Dan Splaine has been selected by the folks at Bowl-O-Rama in Portsmouth , NH to create new advertising photography for their new company website and marketing materials.  The project involves shooting all the activities and client offerings at the family entertainment company. We are holding a casting [...]

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Cog Railway- Mount Washington Observatory Photo Workshop – New Date Added!

New Date Added for The Cog Railway – Mount Washington Observatory Photography Workshop   Test of Time Photography and Photographer Dan Splaine are happy to announce we have sold out the Sept. 10 session of this photography workshop and we will be adding a second date for this workshop on Sept. 11, 2012. This one [...]

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What is ISO and how do use it in my photography?

Some Tips And Info For Selecting The “correct” ISO For Your Digital Photography ISO selection is important because it is allows the photographer to adapt to the lighting conditions found in their scene. The ISO value you select is one leg of the exposure triangle, along with aperture and shutter speed, which allows for precise exposure [...]

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Thirty Five Years behind the Camera – A Word of Thanks

July 11 is an auspicious day in my calendar. July 11, 2012 marks a milestone in my career as a photographer.  Thirty five years ago on a sweltering summer day I entered the federal office building in Manchester, NH  a civilian and emerged a few hours a freshly inducted private in the Army. On that day I began my journey to [...]

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